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Noble/Base Clad Metal- Product Brief

Noble/base clad metals are widely used in different kind of switches, connectors, plugs and sockets’ manufacture.It can substitute the noble metal element to cut down the cost and improve the elements’ service lift and reliability.And, Ag inlay is the most popular one in the field of wall switch contact. Their bonding way is overlay, double overlay, inlay,etc. The inlay place can be adjusted by your application. If they involve many kind of inlay strip, they can have different thickness,width and materials.

Instructions for use:

1、(Noble/Base Clad Metal (Overlay/ Inlay) )
Our products are extensively used in automatic switch, changeover switch, contactor, breaker, thermostat-controller, relay,runner collar switch, micro switch and timer etc, to make and breaking current. Whether the electrical contactor can reliable runs or not, will directly affect the running of the equipment.Category (FAg/Cu) (AgNi10/Cu, AgNi15/Cu, AgNi20/Cu)(AgSnO28/Cu, AgSnO210/Cu, AgSnO212/Cu, AgSnO2Ln2O3/Cu)
2、(Ag Alloy/Cu/Fe Three-layer Bonding Electrical Contact)
product is widely used in the protectors. The 3-layers contact’s welding surface is ferrous alloy with salient point which can enhance the performance of welding.In order to save the silver usage, we can put in the base bonding metal among the Ag alloy and welding material. It won’t affect he character of service, and can cut down the cost, like above picture shown. For special purpose, the bonding material can reach 5-6 layers.The environmental single oxide 3-layers soldering lug (including the Ag-indium tin oxide, AgZnO, AgCuO) can substitute the widely using AgCdO to satisfy the green standard. The advantages of this series product:Saving silver, excellent electrical performance, rust-proof on
welding layer Excellent bonding strength, stable ratio of layer thickness,accurate measurement for stamping Suitable for automatic welding, ranking leading in international.

Product specifications:

The main technical indicators: