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Ag-Cu Clad Metals For Micro Motors- Product Brief

The new clad metals are specially design for commutators and brushes in DC micro motors. The base materials are AgCuNi,
AgCuZnNi, AgCuNi with rare earth. Following are its features:
1、Continually bonding in large coils, without welding conjunction,steady quality, and suitable for mass stamping process
2、With high precision, and can meet users’ special request.
3、Smooth surface, reaching the mirrored effects;
4、Uniform distribution of silver alloy;
5、Excellent bonding strength.

Instructions for use:

◇Excellent wear resistance
◇High electric conductivity
◇Good anti-oxidation ability
◇Stable contact resistance
◇Minimum metal transfer_
二、(Layer ratio)
The thickness of inlay can be diverse from 0.04mm to 90% of
the base layer; For the overlay any layer ratio can be allowed.
三、(Technological design features of material composition)
1、For commutators, trace elements Cu 、Ni are put into the AgCuNi alloy to enhance the electric conductivity、wear resistance and anti-oxidation abilities; And TU1 (base layer) is superior to common coppers regarding electric/ thermal conduction.
2、For brushes, AgPd alloy is unique in low contact resistance、excellent wear resistance、minimum metal transfer, etc.; And
BZn18-26 (base layer) provides good anti-corrosion、wearresistance and elasticity._厚

Product specifications:

The main technical indicators:

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